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Wedding Planners

Wedding is always considered as the beginning of a new life both for bride and groom. Indian weddings are like big celebration with extravagant and super splendid events. It takes almost a month’s time to get the preparations done. Indian rituals and customs are strictly followed with due respect in every Indian weddings. There are wide differences in the customs followed from one region to other in India.
Weddings in India are events which are vibrant and colorful with presence of traditional dance, music, exclusive traditional food and great hospitality. The wedding day is really special for the bride and groom and they want to plan their dream wedding under the expert guidance of good wedding planners to make it memorable for lifetime.

Wedding Themes: These days theme based wedding is getting huge popularity in india and Wedding planners in Delhi are now considered experts in making arrangements for the best wedding themes. Some popular themes are big Bollywood wedding, Wedding in forts, Fairyland wedding and many more are there on the list.

Wedding Budget: Preparation of wedding budget is must to get a tentative figure about the expected expenses. You wedding budget depends on the following.
• Number of invitations which you want to send
• Number of Guests who will attend the ceremony
• Arrangements for overseas guests
• Catering and refreshment arrangements
• Decoration
• Venue
• Jewelry
• Bridal and groom outfit
• Photographer and video crew
• Arrangements of rituals and ceremonies
• Bridal decoration and Hair stylist

Wedding function and entertainment: If you want to go for perfect Indian wedding planning, then it’s must for you to hire an expert wedding planner. Experienced wedding planners can make the perfect arrangements for the wedding function starting from:
• Sending of exclusive invitation cards to guests
• Welcoming of Barati
• Jaimala
• Flower decoration in the wedding stage
• Sitting arrangements of guests
• Arrangements for 7 vows of Hindu marriage
• Purohit
• Booking of artists for entertainment function
• Return gifts for the guests
• Arrangements and decoration of wedding suite

Honeymoon arrangements: Honeymoon is an important program after wedding where the bride and the groom get the chance to know each other better. Wedding planners takes the initiative in:
• Booking the travel tickets
• Updating of the Visa and passport
• Booking of hotels and honeymoon suite
• Sightseeing arrangements


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